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Rambling on: thin ice

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

thin ice

skating on thin ice; is it ia metaphor for a mid-life crisis

well if so, then i am skating for sure

my mind has not been so clear as it is now; as to what needs to be done, prioritize and prefer things & execute plans that are most important

the career is in limbo but i have a feeling that from these ashes will emerge a reinvigorated individual full of zeal and vigor that have become second nature like part of dna

feel like i am ready for a take off and there is no wind beneath these wings; time to flap these wings extra hard

why has music disappeared from this mundane life


Blogger Raza Rumi said...

Well, all is fine as long as the music does not disappear from one's life..
Now am worried

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Naveed said...

RR, I found the music some of it on my own, some thanks to you & your blog; a sort of a re-discovery :)

5:26 PM  

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