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Rambling on: Bulleh Shah

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bulleh Shah

From "Another Voice"
Muzaffar A. Ghaffar

All that is two-faced must die;
like the universe and black holes
like good and its evil ride
like beauty entwined with dross
all that stands stalwart at the edge of the abyss
all is half-poised
on the ever crumbling divide

So where is the still point
where singularity abides?
Where is the first alphabet
truth's sanctuary
from which was crafted
the calligrapher's art
the imagist's paint, stone and metal,
the philosopher's raven-hearted thought
the climber's mountain, and
the labours of the scribe?

Take me via the second alphabet,
through swooning forests
and earths that bite;
through light that pierces
where tyrant digressions, sword in hand
behead consciousness

Take me over the bridge on the torrent
across the corpus of beehives
beyond the race thing which caps my knees
and the alluring gender divide

Take me into the cauldron of faith
show me the umbilical chord that binds
the earth-mother with my naval, my mind;
show me fires that are heaven-bound
like never-ending ladders,
like the genie Himalayas sun-spiked

If you cannot do this
then let me be;
for this time in space
to the hushed rhythm of the pulsating, breathing, universe.
Let me re-enter baby's first smile


Blogger (w)alter ego said...

I know I should be reading the poetry and try to understand the deep meaning - but you know me - always sidetracked by small amusements so your little misspelling of 'navel' to 'naval' has made me quite happy!
Anyway, I see this is a very old post and there has been nothing new in the past many weeks. So have you not Dunn anything exciting lately? :)

7:01 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

there have been many posts but they were never blogged and they got deleted while in my brain; i.e the ban on blogspot causing the delay...not that i had any worthwhile to say

you are right about "navel" but i double-checked it then when i was posting and picked up the book again and it says "naval" so i do not even blame the author because i have loved this book; this error probably comes to us thanks to some overzealous proof reader or the damn spell checker

today for example, i noticed for the umpteenth time that the DAWN spell checker had converted "damp squid" into "damp squib"; or "vying for the job" to "vieing for the job"...i googled both the words just to check if i was losing my mind and it seems that i was not. so much for automatic spell checking

all else is well

11:03 PM  
Blogger TS said...

For a few, you had me really wondering why Y(D)awn would mention squids so often:) Didn't realize the blogspot ban was still on. is what I used when I was in Lahore.
Can't help but think of you with all the stuff going on and now Carly's book is out. So hope you are having a safe October and don't forget me at Eidee time :)

8:11 PM  

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