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Rambling on: city of God

Sunday, August 03, 2008

city of God

on my way to saturday afternoon chores, i see a jeep in the rearview mirror with a maniac at the wheel....i make way for him to save myself...there is sort of a home made sign pasted at the back of the jeep that i could not read, so fast was this asshole driving

i park at the aghas parking lot and the asshole in question is parked in the lot and i finally catch a glimpse of the sign, it says


i swear to you, i do not have the time to understand this...i have a simple rule... people in love with their automobiles especially jeeps and 4x4s are invariable predisposed to have their heads stuck up their ass and the way they drive indicative of family trees that do not fork

i do not blame minibus drivers and others associated with public transport as they come from humble backgrounds and most hail from NWFP; what pisses me off are these well-off folks whose civic sense is reflective of nouveau riche upbringing

sadly such roudy behavior is in greater supply and seen more often when we have democratic governments when cars adorning party flags are unleashed on the city roads with hapless civilians running for cover


Blogger Mampi said...

Yes, it happens in India too. ANd I do understand your anger. But somehow I didnt associate you with this language. Pardon my saying this, but couldnt help it. Aap ki shaystaghi toh qayal karne wali hai, yeh kya houa?

This comment is only for your eyes. Delete it after you read it.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Naveed said...

will certainly not delete your comments. perfectly valid point

i could have said the same thing without the profanity

it was one of those days i suppose where venting my frustration took over somehow

12:16 AM  
Blogger uropinion said...

As India moves into election mode we are bracing for further defacing of already ugly and dirty walls and for flag sporting 'gaddis' fitted with loudspeakers and driven by maniacs to take over our already deadly roads.

10:21 PM  

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