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Rambling on: losers' parade

Monday, June 15, 2009

losers' parade

t20 world cup
india - though it comes naturally for us to gloat when the indians lose, it is a fantastic team that should get all the support from the fans back home as it makes an early exit losing its title; one bad game does not mean that MS Dhoni deserves the sort of comments that are being showered upon him

perhaps we pakistanis are so used to losing that we have become good at forgiving the team when it performs badly

there are somethings that are very indian in character; these are not found in the pakistani team; no pakistani player looks like a rock-star, you would not find any sun glasses on the field, no funky jewelry, tattoes, no lucrative contracts from big brand companies; heck i do not even think i have seen any sun-screen

be that as it may, the indian team, with all its colorful characters, is a fighting team that is bound to bounce back. if dhoni was apologetic during his post-match press conference, then it should be accepted by the fans; that is a true test of character to be gracious in defeat; perhaps it is time to break this tradition of threatening the losing team members with dire consequences

new zealand: danial vettori was and remains a respected cricket captain; but questioning umar gul on his world-record feat is not in the spirit of the game; he could ask his bowlers to get some advice from wasim akram or even umar gul on how to reverse-swing. he said during the post-match interview that he could not understand how umar gul could reverse swing after 12 overs in a t20 match; that my dear mr. vettori is called talent; your bowlers obviously do not have it


Blogger Captain03 said...

i noticed that
yuvvraaj singh was wearing shades while he was bowling
not a good thing
it's nothing but an addition to their downfall

9:00 AM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

actually so does Gayle, the windies captain but if you look at other guys in the WI team, they are regular players; so gayle is an exception; somehow flamboyance could distract from the main agenda of the game which is winning and winning with singular focus.

the only flamboyant guy we had was shoaib akhtar and since he was not selected, you can see that they team is not distracted at all

sometimes internal difference such as the ones attributed to shoaib malik/misbah with younus khan, could be resolved once pakistan makes winning a habit; a more regular features

pakistan has been sidelined from high level cricket for such a long time that perhaps it is natural that everyone was fighting for their turf

if you remember in 1992, we had the same problems, all we needed was a good leader and some magic that got rejuvenated in the form of miandad; and then we discovered inzimam and wasim akram provided the icing on the cake

the script is written for pakistan; if younus can rise to the occasion that it could be a repeat of '92

it is all about brains nowthanks for dropping by

12:57 PM  

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