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Rambling on: music worth checking out

Sunday, March 15, 2009

music worth checking out


Laal's debut album features the track (Main nay us say yeh kaha) that I repeatedly promoted last year on this site

following the imposition of emergency in november '07, this track kept disappearing from youtube

thanks to the album release, it is now available in the public domain; the album starts off with this track and it is followed by umeed-e-sahar by Faiz.

for me, the rule of thumb for any desi album to be regarded as a success is if it has atleast 3 well-written songs, it is money well spent.

alternately if it features a nazam or ghazal by Faiz and is executed with care and commitment, the album would do justice

Laal passes both the tests with flying colors

Laal's debut album more than exceeded my expectation and i was pleasantly surprised that despite the politics of their music, they were not loud; a subtle approach is always effective

I am encouraged that after having the first three tracks by Habib Jalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Aitezaz Ahsan, the tracks written by the band hold their ground and the lyrics show maturity of thought

the melody is consistently pure with lilt of revolutionary anthems that will make this album popular among listeners

Laal is, in my opinion, destined for greatness; i just hope they do not compromise quality for commercial success


Anonymous Zill Niazi said...

I never thought there was a music prodigy in the industry since Junaid Jamshed whom I used to love a lot. But after having read this review, I think I am going to listen to Laal.


12:06 PM  

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