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Rambling on: Monday borning blues

Monday, June 21, 2004

Monday borning blues

I mentioned a funny colleague of mine in one of my posts. Here is an example of his attrocious moronic way of thinking.

Last Friday (late in the evening - call on my handset)
Colleague : Regarding our mega project, we may just close this order in july.
Me : Excellent. You need to alert the back-end team to get ready for action.
Colleague : Thanks. You are not taking any leave in July are you?
Me : Was'nt planning to. Last leave I took was 8 years ago. Why?
Colleague : Because you know all the back-end folks.
Me : I will take care of it. Can you take care of the customer. Are they ready to give a formal award contract.
Colleague : Ok. I would liaise with them. Thanks.
Me : Sure, we work as a team, then. Bye

Monday Morning (just when my hypertension is easing off due to medication)
Colleague : Hi, regarding the order, the customer will get us the order within this week.
Me : Ok. But that way we lose some more time.

Colleague : Yes, and they need delivery in 21 days in Karachi.
Me : Oh! How is that possible. You are aware that the factory builds the goods in 4 weeks.

Colleague : hmmm....Yeah but how about air-lifting these goods.
Me : The factory has specific time limits. Best case scenario is 4 weeks. Production has nothing to do with mode of shipment.

Colleague : Ok.

Uncomfortable silence in my cubicle for 2 minutes. I turn towards my screen to check on my mails.

Colleague : BTW, I may be taking the family to attend to some personal business end of July.
Me : But that would be time of the final deployment stage of the project. And that would be month-end too. You are aware of the mad-rush here.
Colleague : Thought you would be there for the project.
Me : This is not my project. I have been assisting for last several months. The least you could do is not to take leave when you do not expect me to take one.

Another pause of a minute that felt like eternity.

Colleague : Actually I also need to take off next week.
Me : Which means that in the last 30 minutes you have done nothing but informed me that you are taking leaves off and on next month for a full 15 days.

Colleague :

He says something but I have already tuned off the frequency. It is deja vu all over again.


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