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Rambling on: An excerpt from a pending project

Sunday, October 17, 2004

An excerpt from a pending project

(w)alter, this is an excerpt from the pending project.....even if the final product is something that i do not like, like i mentioned to you earlier, i am still hoping to produce some more translations and work on a solo project and give it a shape that i can be proud here it goes..

The Risalo of Shah Latif has long mesmerized Sindhis. It has articulated with eloquent description,the cultural ethos of the landscape capturing the Sindhi experience with breathtaking clarity.

(bibliography reference deleted )

This labour of love is also a rediscovery of Shah Latif in view the importance that Shah’s message has acquired in the 21st century which is an all-embracing message of peace & understanding for the post 9-11 world obsessed with fear, in which thought process as well as policy making is jaundiced by malice and prejudice against a specific group.

Closer to home, we feel overwhelmed by a mini-crisis on the cultural landscape in Sindh. Our values have been hijacked by an invasion of satellite communication and cable entertainment. Tainted images of our values and caricatures of Sindhi culture in the media have made it synonymous with feudalism and jirga justice.

But can we fault the younger generation if it finds comfort in western values alien to their own for being unable to relate to them for either lack of understanding or historical perspective that ought to have been inculcated by the parents?

Can they be blamed if their spoken Sindhi is replete with errors of grammar and gender or for the fact that their parents only nurtured their material ambitions and Sindhi, unfortunately, did not fit into the scheme of economic objectives and was perceived as a disadvantage in upward mobility?

Is it any wonder that that the new generation of successful entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers and business executives with rudimentary knowledge of their language, align themselves with western values to fill the inner void of identity with icons of popular culture?

It is our sincere hope that our effort to bring a new voice to Shah Latif will meet success and the younger generation and students will find the message easier to relate to, in a language they find used commonly in the media as well as commerce.

Shah’s message of peace on earth, reverence to the Creator and His Prophet, devotion to mother-earth is as relevant today as it was during the times of the great bard in the 18th century.


Blogger (w)alter ego said...

This sounds wonderful.Thanks so much for posting this. I'd love to read this.IF the book is written/translated like this, it will be great.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

if you like it, then once i get a copy. I will reserve a copy for you..or atleast try to get a soft version which i can post...the urdu translations done by a gentleman by the name of Aga Salim is brilliant.... keeping my fingers crossed that i get it soon...Cheers Naveed

7:40 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Thanks you - that is too kind. I could not possibly impose upon you like that.Although, an authograhed copy from the author - hmmm- a soft copy would be good.I think I'll try to find tha Urdu one you speak highly of.
Once again, thanks very much.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

dont be are not imposing at will be a hardly meet anyone that loves to read these days and i will have complimentary copies anyway...the good thing about the softcopy would be that i would not blog the ones that are done poorly....secondly you do not need to buy the urdu one that i mentioned...the one that i am expecting in a week's time has three languages...English, Urdu & ofcourse Sindhi....similarly, the intro and preface has been done in all three..[prior permission was taken by the urdu translator]...the editor managed to translate urdu part mostly]...i only helped on the English part....Cheers Naveed

11:29 AM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Getting very tempted, but please don't spoil me. You've already done so much for me. (Give me a few weeks and I amy get over this guilt trip though)

2:44 PM  

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