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Rambling on: salute to a champion

Saturday, November 13, 2004

salute to a champion

just minutes ago, Pakistan won the golden jubilee BCCI cup against India successfully chasing 292 runs in kolkata…and as much as my hypertension makes such close encounters very painful to watch, now that it is over, I just have to express my deepest appreciation for Inzimamul Haq not only because of his demeanor as a cricketer but the way he epitomizes the Pakistani spirit…of an underdog…a person who lacks flamboyance hailing from a small city of multan..

…but given half the chance, he uncoils and unfurls into a magical player on the field….always humble always thankful always winning our hearts with genuine goodness of spirit….and my lord…what immense talent…despite being called names due to his size or made fun of.... due to his unusually high run-out average…inzimam stands tall….inzimam wins hands down on the yardstick of true genius


Blogger Jalal said...

Yar ... Didnt you see Butt. He was so mature for someone with only seven matches under his belt.

It was amazing the way our team used their brain for a whole innings and batted like cricketers and not like hyper excited 7 year olds on too much sugar.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

u r right jalal...under woolmer's coaching, the team does not panic as much....i think butt was a match winner for us but he did take an hour long break :)...whereas the old horse, inzi, kept on going, despite being less than 100% fit...these days, i like the way he speaks during interviews when manjrekar asked him about the match he goes "fast of aaal, i would like to thank allah that we win, then i would like to take this opportunity of doing mother sister of the english language...we thank allah that we won, my back hurt but i keep going, i thank allah that we won..." So manjrekar goes, "how about Butt", inzi goes, "yes by the grace of allah we win..butt was good"...for a moment i wondered if he understood the question :)

11:16 PM  
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