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Rambling on: encounters...part i

Saturday, August 13, 2005

encounters...part i

after procastinating and my brain about to burst with the material piling up i am posting as briefly as i can some of the recent travelencounters...there might be some abusive language so a warning for the faint hearted...atleast one character, who happens to be my favorite, made sure that i had ball of a time not only because of his language but also because our flight from colombo to karachi was delayed for 2 hours


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, no offence, but you could increase the readability of your already great posts by 300% if only you punctuate before posting.

Like, you know, a capital letter at the beginning of a para, breaking sentences with a period, etc. Just a little respect to your thoughts, that's all.

No offence meant.

11:05 AM  

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