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Rambling on: the importance of being desi - part ii

Monday, June 20, 2005

the importance of being desi - part ii

observation ii

indians have worked extremely hard to reach all corners of the world. they pick up things quickly and have a lot less excess baggage than us pakistanis. they will help you and be thorough in their response. they are much more eloquent creative and professional

pakistanis do not see beyond their own mental and professional restraints as they are used to being spoon-fed. they have a duhhhh written all over their communication informal or formal...they are easily distracted because inside they are bulls in a china shop. though these limitations are attributed to lesser patronage locally in terms of growth opportunities or simply lack of exposure due to dearth of professionals but this is not an excuse as indians have more adversity thrown at them back home than us


Blogger (w)alter ego said...

welocme back - again :)
Enjoy some relaxing music - this is your Father's day present.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous umar said...

i've had my share of interaction with indians during my stay in the us of a. i used to live with them. i hope that makes me qualified to comment on this with some credibility.

indians, in most simple words, are hard-working and humble. and most of them are also simple. they achieve everything by working really hard for it. they don't know any shortcuts.

pakistanis, on the other hand, try to achieve something by first trying to figure out an easy and short way to do it. only when they find out there is no shortcut, they do it by hardwork. But that doesn't mean pakis are dumbasses. Average pakistani is more intelligent than average indian. It's just that pakis are a little hard to motivate. which strategy is better? the answer depends on how you look at it. Sometimes working smart actually helps. Maybe that's the reason pakistanis, although small in number, are in better living condition than indians.

I just found something to blog about.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

thanks umar, i agree with your observations..i hope you do continue to blog :)

9:03 PM  
Anonymous JNS said...

I think what blights us is chronic myopia.
In general i think you notice that pakistanis will be comparatively far less interested in personal development and are less interested (or actively shun) subjects that fall outside the normal eat/work/sleep cycle.

2:08 AM  
Blogger Contrivia said...

Well, being an Indian myself, I can tell you that it is a gross generalization to think that most Indians are simple and hard-working and most pakistanis look for a short-cut to sucess. I guess I am exposed to both sides in the sense that my family came orginally from Sargodha.

I think this has to do more with the mentality of the people of Greater Punjab and surrounding areas. North indians typically display the same attributes as Umar has described for Pakistanis.

And really, I would validate what he said by saying that North Indians in geenral are much better off than the rest of the indians, mainly because of the "work smart" approach.

South indians in general are the only category of people I have met in my life who are simply humble and see nothing else but the straight road (this is again a generalization I know - God knows I have seem my fair share of southie crooks).

I guess what I am trying to say is that the difference in approach pointed out by Umar are more cultural rather than national..and once Pakistanis acquire enough critical mass overseas (critical to make sure future generations of immigrants do well), I do not see any reason why they would see success on the same scale as say other communities from the subcontinent.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

JNS - Thanks. We are on the same page. For culture, literature, music try talking to a Pakistani and all you get is a blank face.

CONTRIVIA - My boss's family is from Sargodha. He is from West Bengal. Yes a strange combination but lets not even go to the North-South issue because I hail from Sindh and I think laziness and dearth of drive comes from all sections of society. Our opinions are jaded by our preconcieved notions but whether it is Punjab (North) or Sindh (South) lack of ambition is common. So the entire city of Karachi has Pathans (hailing from North) who are the most industrious group of people.

You are right that Pakistanis have yet to reach a critical mass in the world market but then again Indians have a much easier task of selling themselves as skilled labor than Pakistanis who have to content with the aftermath of 9/11

Indians have been inculcated with a work ethic due to their education system...Pakistanis have other qualities that make them unqiuely different from Indians which is what I am blogging about.

you are right that there could be some "gross generalizations" as you put it but allow me that on my blogs :) for the sake of a healthy debate if not for the humour

2:21 PM  
Blogger Contrivia said...

Deevan: :o) Of course, I wasn't for even a moment thinking of chastising you for the "generalizations"..we all fall prey to it (after all thats what the entire point of "Bulla ki jana main kaun" is..accordin to me anyways :o)

Btw: In my definition of "North", even Sindh is pretty much :o)

Btw: I totally empathize with your view on the light of Pakistanis after 9/11. I know first hand of a couple if instances of Pakistanis being handed a rough deal coz of this.

But that doesn't make me feel safe as an Indian (I am Sikh by birth btw). All it takes is one "Khalistani" to blow up a trash can in SoCal, and suddenly I am a terrorist!

Also, the "indians" you refer to who have done well overseas, are mainly from second-third generations family of immigrants who came here (US) or other places well before partition - so the terms "Pakistan" and "India" don't really hold much meaning in that context. And the neo-rich software professionals from india are really just a spike in a century long history of subcontinent immigration.

dalip Singh Saund, one of the earliest stories of Subcontinental sucess inthe US, came from Chhajulwadi, which I believe is now in Pakistan. So does that make him a Pakistani sucess story or an Indian one?

Ultimately, the modern day definition of Pakistan does involve the Muslim identity (please don;t flame me on this!), but more importantly, the policies of the government - which because of it being mainly military controlled, has resulted in some consternation for the more progressive types there. Thereofore, me must see the question under consideration through that microscope as well.

Have I rambled enough for today?! lol.

Thanks for reading it thus far.


Baaki, this is a "Rambling" khao piya and karo mauj!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

"Bulla ki jana main kaun"
my personal take on this is that it is a protest againts the clergy
that pigeonholes the communities.this is why bullay shah questions his own being and wonders what the truth is...sufi poetry of the punjab sindh are replete with many examples of this..

It does not take a khalistani doing anything for you to get targetted, the americans are ignorant enough to confuse the sikh turban with one NOT WORN by any muslim (if you recall in the US two sikhs got killed in the hate crime following 9/11)

I am in Singapore and Indians have a very easy access to this market
There are less than 200 Pakistan families here but thousands of Indians (first second third generations all combied)

Why would I flame you for the muslim identity of Pakistan? :)

But only partly true. We behave differently also become of cultural similarities in Pakistan but in the end religion indeed has an undercurrent that is peculiar.

Don't know if you would flame me if I said India has a Hindu identity :)

8:43 PM  
Blogger kuffir said...

'Don't know if you would flame me if I said India has a Hindu identity'
funny you should say advani and the rest of the sangh parivar thinks so too.
about umar thinking that the average pakistani is smarter than the average indian.....that strikes me as very funny too, considering every average pakistani was an average indian a few decades ago.
about indians being straight and less crooked umar should check an average indian newspaper any given day.
indians and pakistanis will have to wait as long as israel and palestine for the evolving of any marked differences between them.

11:02 AM  
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Blogger Chris said...

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