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Rambling on: be nice

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

be nice

some dude on the idiot box was rambling about being nice to people & starting your day with a smile... this is pretty unknown in pakistan.... smiling at complete strangers. you are mistaken for a fool or a retard with a twitch

but i tell you especially with the ordinary working man on the street, the laborers, the newspaper boys, it is fun if you are polite to them...

woke up to a saddest of news items .... someone in lahore, out of poverty and the frustration of the daily battles kills his 3 young daughters.... have had a lump in my my throat all day....find myself getting emotional at these things.... this guy confessed to the police of this slaughter and the security guard at the jail shots this man dead

the guard justifies his act by saying that a person who kills three young girls does not deserve to live.... justice denied but being a father i wonder if i had acted any differently.... makes my blood boil....

justice would serve if this guy (the father) gets institutionalized and the girls are put up at the edhi home.... what wrong had these innocent girls done....


Blogger Checkmate said...

You know sometimes when my son is standing in front of me with a plate in his hand waiting for me to give him his favorite food. For a second I get this sick feeling in my stomach, thinking about a mother whose child is standing in front of her and the mother has no food for her child. How does that mother feel? I can never imagine that pain.

I feel awful readind such news, but can we ever know how desperate and depressed a parent would have to be to actually kill his flesh and blood. we have to stop and look around and see who needs our help. I keep telling people that even if we help one poor household we would be making a huge difference.

1:17 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Why so grumpy?
of course you can smile and greet random strangers. It would make Pakistan more pleasent.I wrote about it a while ago; it always bothers me how unfriendly the people are over there. A smile is also charity as someone pointed out to me.

7:51 PM  

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