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Rambling on: i am alive

Saturday, March 08, 2008

i am alive

the gun pointed at your head and other two poking your sides makes everything around you black out

you see things but the brain does not register

from the dreadful to the comic, the car jackers did not approve of indian classical number playing at the time; kishori amonkar if i am not mistaken, kaahay gayoo gavan ma;

they decided then not to prolong the hijacking or perhaps their agony of listening to her & wasting their time on a moron like me

was it kishori amonkar that saved me; i wonder

there is a pakistan tele-film made by hasan zaidi (raat chalee hay jhoom kay) that is the perfect example of art immitating life as it captures my predicament as it transpired 4 years ago;

next to impossible that hasan zaidi would read this but if he does, he owes me some credit for the film; all i am asking is information where I can buy this on dvd


Blogger Raza Rumi said...

Naveed Bhai
I will pass this on to Hasan Zaidi through a common friend..
I also want to see this film..

10:34 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

If that happens I shall treat you to dinner next time I am in Lahore :) Appreciate your kind consideration.

9:15 PM  

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