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Rambling on: limping back to life

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

limping back to life

after a very long time, spent a night at the theatre and what a treat was in store for us; ajoka playing bulla at the arts council

i am not sure what has happened to the karachi public; perhaps due to free passes, there were people in the auditorium that had no manners and were constantly taking calls on their mobiles; paying visitors would perhaps keep their cell phones off

i was encouraged that every cell ring was getting boos from the audience

and the crowd gave the cast a standing ovation more than once at the end

what can i say about the play; the guy who played bullay shah deserves a lot of praise; he had me in tears; once when he sang 'dokhaan dee rotee soolan daa saalan" or should i say that he did so every time he sang

watching bulla was a dream come true; i had always heard of this play staged in lahore and outside pakistan especially india; i do hope that they come back to karacih for more plays


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