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Rambling on: Amazing effort

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amazing effort

being a sucker for pakistani popular music, this recent effort under the sponsorship of coke studios is something of great interest to me.

i am sharing some of the tracks that i liked the best

Ali Noor and Ali Hamza team up with Saeen Zahoor for a refreshing rendition of Bullay Shah

I like the part where Ali Noor, nearly at the end of a note, shows vulnerability that is part of nee mai janaa jogee day naal.

for one moment, the anguish of this moment, when the damsel in distress, utters her heartfelt anguish to be with the jogee (the lover); is captured beautifully

what to say of saeen zahoor; aren't we glad that he has been discovered. i find him at his best when he hits the high notes; take me to rohi and have me sit in stifling heat and i am willing to listen to him shout at the top of his voice

this track by zeb and haniya has grown on me since i caught it on cable a few days ago; their debut album was good but this is brilliant. to have revived the sound of the rubab and to bring to the fore these ladies from NWFP as consummate artists; an intro to pushto/dari/persian music for the rest of us

hats off to these ladies

it has almost become fashionable for the very young crowd to be an Atif Aslam fan but i posted on him just at the time of his debut album 5 years ago. he fuses Jal Pari with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and gives it a totally new sound

he should really shed his image in the media and that he has talent is reflected in this recording

finally, it is all Rohail Hayat whose stamp is visible on all aspects of this production; this is the best way a global brand such as Coke can contribute to revival of fusion music in Pakistan


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