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Rambling on: auditory rape

Thursday, July 29, 2004

auditory rape

so this 'mirchee' dj plays like so cool on fm89 and like she is so into rock and roll, she is like so hot

what mirchee has been doing is fucking my brains, i am actually taking the earphones out of my ears everytime a song ends, she is so bad

so it is so cool for her that she is playing "legendary" rock and roll, her accent is really painful, a shreaking monkey with a texan twang

she make it a point to mention that she is new in Pakistan, as if we should bow before her for honoring us with her sorry ass, she does happen to be on the 7th floor of my building and i am this close to sending her a stinking note

for the last few minutes she has been fucking my brains, or in the words of my colleague that dimagh kee ma chood rahee hay, she is introducing bob dylan's son who has a band that has bruce springsteen featured as lead vocals on their new album

as if that is not enough white trash for the day, she announces happily that she has taken over the reins from the engineer and going to work the console herself and put the CD on herself

i am truly fucked now i say to myself

what i get on the radio next is neither bob dylan's son, nor bruce springsteen but stevie nicks of fleedwood mac from the 'rumors' cd, the track is 'rhiannon', an all time favourite

so should i thank her sorry ass for sparing me the 'boss"

no she freaking stops the track 30 seconds into the song and apologizes for the screw up saying "the engineering job is really tough"

put in the right freaking cd into the player, lady and the engineering thing will take care of it itself

my brain is working overtime with choice words for her

oh before i forget she is just saying that the red hot chilly peppers is her favourite band because "they are so spicy"

oh she is gone

a new dj has taken over what a relief

it is some rush hour music show, he has great news, the lady dj the mirchee will no longer be working on the station, apparently she crapped all over the console, the good lord does work in mysterious ways

what awesome start,  this guy is playing 'panjab' by karunesh which i mentioned in my blog two days ago,  i love this guy. 

awesome followup, 'everything she does is magic' by the police

time for a dance break in the cubicle

sting reminds me of walking home with frost bites and "mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" and so much good time with the 'police', imagine that a tune on radio taking you to a peaceful place in your head away from a she-monkey with texan twang


Blogger Jalal said...

About the auditory rape and kaanon mi maan chodna. FM 89 has shown a lot of capacity for that in the short time that it has been on air.

10:36 PM  
Blogger KO said...

At the start they were good, but as time went on they just got to much... it's not just her but the other dj's also who prattle on too much about what they had for lunch and all sorts of trivia.

They haven't yet discovered this thing called google also, considering the amount of music trivia they mess up now and then.

12:15 AM  

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