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Rambling on: Here comes the rain again

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Here comes the rain again

dear zulfiqar & ejaz, thanks for your comments

the sound track that i mentioned may not be available in Pakistan. hardly think that the rainbow centre mafia would have got any request for OST of 'The Straight Story'

try shopping at this place and all you get is incoherant gurgling sound from a paankhao memons, that is, if you are able to make eye contact.

this is the hub of karachi music scene, sort of a distribution point and all the sound tracks that other outlets in the city get, it is from this place.

the cd covers tell a story of their own, the images are scanned but somehow they outsource the typing to some genious who went to a peela school so you have you 'alanis' written as 'al anis', thank God atleast it is not 'al anus'.

the way i got all the 'straight story' tracks was through kazaa which was fine as far as the quality is concerned but kazaa has fucked up my notebook setting with all the shareware freeware adware

so all the downloads are from last year but really good stuff, if kazaa could be set up in a secure manner, the world is just a click away, unless there is any other download service that you can share that can be used without any hassle

for something that I need really bad, i go to amazon, order it in the UK and get it shipped there and some relative carries it.

yes Ejaz there is something magical about rains in Karachi but the blog on rain i.e the complete works is somewhere lurking in the back of my mind, may be a little substance abuse would unleash it so I am waiting for this weekend, weather and the supply of goodies permitting

the showers we had last night had no suspence or buildup, it was after midnight and i was tucking in the kids and KESC reminded us that they and the monsoon are not compatible, so the rest of the night was spent lying next to my daughter telling her the story about the illmannered elephant loved to scare the animals, destroy the nests and wreck havoc with the green grass which was home to all 

the animals had had enough and gang up against the elephant, the fox volunteers to use his cunning to subdue the elephant but is trampled under the huge feet, the parrot decides to bite the head and is slapped around by huge flapping ears

so the tiny ant claims that she can do the trick, everyone laughs at the ant but undettered it climbs up trunk and tickles the elephant which cannot help but sneeze till it gives up

so i make sneezing noises and my daughter's eyes light up and she chuckles her hearty laugh,
life cannot get any better than this


Blogger KO said...

Use Kazaa lite. Works great.
The cd you mentioned is probably avaialable at this cd shop called Ground Zero near deltons in phase 5.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Ejaz Asi said...

From the clips I heard at Amazon, "Laurens Iowa" and "Rose's theme" were fabulous. Also on my wishlist from James Horner are soundtracks of Glory and "The House of sand and Fog" alongwith marvellous "A Beautiful Mind".
I would try that Delton thingie too as suggested by KO though haven't been there (or so I think).

2:07 AM  
Blogger Ejaz Asi said...

Well, I dont use any software or app to download free songs anymore. My PC has become more like a special entity in my life and I have become equally responsible for it. For music research, here is my typical path:
open and enter query [ +"Alan Silvestri"] everything between [] is my query. In case the composer, singer or producer is new one. Else, I would open and listen to few clips. Most of the time, it's and their endless data on Music. In fact, the site is such a gem, you can spend hours and hours just browsing without something particular in mind. I have access to World Call's music collection as well as some websites or else I would ask few of my friends using even better connections than my broadband who'd download and upload at my server (if the music is available)... but it's rare. Since, good enough music is available in market more or less and it's only Soundtracks, I don't seem to have my hands on easily esp. The Quick and the Dead (Alan Silvestri), Beautiful Mind (J. Horner), Twin Peaks (Angelo Badalamenti) and other war-torn music compositions (Band of brothers like compositions). For world music, I would rather prefer Hearts of Space, thanks to Farah apa's subscriptions, I can listen to loads of Persian, Chinese, japanese, Turkish and African music. Music has not only made me more aware of the world around me but also has enabled me to understand the life in particular. I equally like mystic music as much as country and Jazz and Instrumentals.
If you really want to use Kazaa, do use ZoneAlarm and some Antispyware software. There are some mandatory adware programs (according to my 4-5 months old experience with the software) which you shouldn't and/or can't uninstall easily without removing the app completely. However, if you want to use it do it at your own expense of Data and information contained within your machine. Another option could be Winmx which has good enough membership base. But I personally don't use any such app.

3:22 AM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

Thanks a lot KO, I will certainly check out the place you have indicated.Thanks Ejaz for taking the time to help, will keep your advise in mind and you know that I would certainly be browsing the links that you have identified. I do think that what KO is indicating is a new phenomenon may be unique to Clifton and Defence i.e., original sountracks to movies you would not get anywhere else

11:38 AM  
Blogger swissred said...

Good adware related post. I'm creating an adware virus resource at this very moment; want to have a look?

5:24 AM  
Blogger Music Downloads Center said...

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2:54 PM  
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