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Rambling on: Lovely day in Karachi

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Lovely day in Karachi

Woke up to a beautiful overcast morning and drove straight into a 2 hours traffic jam. The great Chori Shujat is in town and compounding our miseries but hey, the overcast karachi sky has something magical about it so the chor of gujrat is forgiven.

Last night I found a book that I have had for a very long time that contains a selection of ghazal and nazm. Don't know why I like the following.

log kehtay hain by Mus-haf Iqbal Tauseefi

log kehtay hain kay “dheeray dheeray vaqt har zakhm ko bhar dayta hai”

tum bhee logon kee batoon main aajaatee ho
aik lamhay kay leeyay muzmahil ho kay yayhee soochtee hogee kay shayad

“mairay bachpan kaa voh sathee, vo paagal larka, voh bhee bhool gya hoga mujhay, log kehtay hain kay dheeray dheeray vaqt har zakhm ko bhar dayta hai”

baysabab apnee jafaoon peh pasheeman naa ho
log kehtay hain – magar aisaa hota to naheen


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mnn yes, great weather aaj kal... nice blog

11:47 PM  

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