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Rambling on: I know it's only Rock N Roll

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I know it's only Rock N Roll

Pakistan FM radio DJs can be so superficial. Their superfluous accent, scant understanding and limited knowledge about music makes the listening experience so taxing on the nerves. I feel like spanking these two girls on FM 89 who credit Elvis Presly as the creator of Rock N Roll. Yes it was 50 years to the day that Elvis came out with his first single but that makes him nothing but another singer part of the rock n roll legend but definitely not as an "inventor" of any genre.

50 years ago, Rock N Roll was an underground pursuit by the young generation reaping the fruits of peace following the WW II. It was a pursuit which had an underlying sexual theme (My baby rocks me and rolls) but popular culture adopted this terms and made is synonymous with popular music. Now we have idiots on the stupid box given a license by Indus Music & FM radio to claim their expertise on Rock.

On FM 89 these clueless DJs want to sound like “hip” “totally-intune” “happening” experts on Rock N Roll. What is the need for DJs in the first place. They serve no purpose. Just play the god-damned music. These morons are even factually wrong. They go live on radio spewing out this garbage. Rock N Roll (with all its sexually suggestive themes) thrived from the Rhythm & Blues of the slave music. This following link is from 1947 and is more Rock N Roll than the first single that Elvis came out much later in 1954. Anyone with some interest would do themselves a favour by listening to the link alteast so that chronology of the music genre is beyond any doubt.

Yes, Elvis was a white boy from the South with talent but for every Elvis there were ten blacks with a lot more talent. Nobody gave Chuck Berry the due or Little Richard the respect before another bunch of white boys (this time the British) set the record right by openly acknowledging their earliest influences to be the Black music of 40's and 50's. Even groups like Pink Floyd owe their names to two black blues singers (Floyd Council and Pink Anderson)

It seems that the proliferation of VJs on Pakistani channels, these kids of 80s, carry with them this disease of ignorance thanks to their brains that lacked blood supply on account of excessive TV/VCR now made worse by cable.

PS :
For more information on Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, you may refer to

or my future blogs if I get the inspiration to write more on Pink Floyd. In the days when the Internet was not available, this information was first shared by an unassuming chain-smoking lahori old man at the Boat Basin Offbeat outlet in the early 80's.


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