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Rambling on: Themes of Love

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Themes of Love

Firstly sincere thanks to Ejaz Asi for commenting on my blog. Ejaz has been awfully kind to mention me on his blog. (BTW, if you are reading this Ejaz, I am unable to go to your "comments" section of your blog on

Regarding Faiz who got mentioned in light of the latest political developments, in Faiz, you have someone who had malicious acts inflicted upon by the State but Faiz always yearned to be in Pakistan and returned to it whenever he was allowed to. The rulers of the country harboured resentment towards him but he had no ill-will towards them, much in line in the sufi tradition. I understand President Musharaf is a big fan of Faiz. How times (and the nature of military men) change.

Faiz kept me sane when I was away from Pakistan. He may have been responsible for my returning to Pakistan. The more I learned more about his life, the more I was conviniced that the grass was NOT greener on the other side.

Faiz is a poet of love, the object could very well be his socialist thought but read it in the romantic context and you get something exquisite. An example

"kabhee to subh-u teray kunj-e-lab so ho aagaaz
kabhee to shab sar-e-kakul say mushq-bar chalay"

Waking up to a kiss and ending your day in the perfume of a warm embrace, could there be anything more to life than these sweet pleasures.


Blogger Ejaz Asi said...

Vibrant, dynamic and unparalleled skills of Faiz sab. after Hazrat Iqbal created an atmosphere which is unique, sensuous, passionate and driven by endless energies to love - to love the life and the creatures within. The pain inflicted upon him and his family proved to have created endless wisdom and dedication to this country in many ways. Even his grandson and daughter are as vibrant and talented as you could expect anyone to be. Have you experienced the CD, Aj K Naam - Faiz Ahmad Faiz produced by Enabling tech.? I might not be able to see such an exquisite experience in many years to come despite the glut of designers and availability of better technology now than that time when it was produced.
As for comments on my blog, your browser/firewall must be stopping them to open. The Firewall actually might have prevented the javascript to load even. It's perfect here and other systems, I am sure.

8:40 PM  

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