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Rambling on: Mushy and Chory

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Mushy and Chory

PTV carries an interview with the President and the constipated looking Chory Shujaat.

What transpires is extremely funny, a military dictator maintaining that he is part of the parliament and the Chory from Gujarat sort of jaded.

I like Musharaf but he doth protest too much. "Pakistan main democracy achee chal rahee hai". I just smile. He is such a sweeto. I know he means well but he really ought to think before he speaks on live television.

Camera then shifts to Chory Shujaat. "PM sab, aap kee kya policy hongeen?" the PTV holds the mic to his face. Chory sb goes "mmm maa maa mmm maa maa mmm maa maa President Musharaf mmm mmm mmm unkee policy mmm mmm mmm". I swear this is exactly what he said.

What is this thing with his face. He has a serious case of stiff upper lip (not the way they mean it in the cliche like being a anal retentive jerk). He does have a stiff upper lip and when he speaks there is this annoying slur. I would hate to have any drink with this guy. God knows what will happen to his slur. He will be more of a blur :)

His lips hardly move. Can you blame the opposition that someone else is speaking on his behalf and it does seem as if a military man is wearing this rubbery mask and pretending to be Chory of Gujrat.

PTV needs to be watched these days before its too late and the minister of information is back at work. In the last two days, I have seen PTV cover the opposition and talk show featuring MMA. I think that while there is no minister of information (due to cabinet reshuffle) to tell PTV what line to tow, these nincumpoops at PTV are crossing all limits. They actually gone ahead and have given opposition some air time.


Blogger Ayesha said...

Its a wonderful explanation of ur observation, so precise and so clear that I Can imagine the "constipated" looks on CS's face. *chuckle*
and they say Why I miss PTV. Plus Its a rare sight to see/talk/read a guy who notices such details and then laugh on it.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Ejaz Asi said...

Naveed, I would like your attention at this fine writing of Danial, if you haven't already, on Urdu at Web. You can find it at let's talk on it :)

12:41 PM  

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