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Rambling on: West meets East

Thursday, June 24, 2004

West meets East

The hump day is behind me and so is all the humping that was in store for me at work. Thursdays, I am in control. People have also tired of bitching.

Mentioned Del Amitri in my last log & I am reminded of 1997 when things were pretty bad at work (funny how things have not changed a bit but 1997 was really the pits) Being alone at work (all other colleagues had been laid off) my headphone had Del Amitri on to give me company. The feeling that having a loved one is like having someone throw you a rope when you are drowning. Peculiarly eastern theme. So here is the track that bounced me back from the abyss

"as day turns to night there's this hopelessness to fight
When I think that I might not make it through

But honey sometimes I just have to say your name
To hear it hanging in the air, to know it sounds the same
And sometimes when I'm blue, I know just what to do
To keep the blues at bay you know I only have to say your name

When I've used up all my patience
When your letters have been read twenty times through
I can drink all the wine in this place of mine
But it ain't no replacement
It ain't no replacement for you"

Saying your loved one's name. Strange that you do not do it so often. You call them by some intimate name and saying their real name aloud can certainly help when you are blue.


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