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Rambling on: it is only the giving that makes you, what you are

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

it is only the giving that makes you, what you are

have always had fights with the lady of the house on old clothes that i cling onto

but never had a moments hesitation on getting rid of my favorite jacket - this is the type of clothing needed in azad kashmir

the outpouring of generosity is mind boggling, did not know there all this "good" bottled up inside in the city.

my brother tells me that the medical stores have given him medicine worth 700,000rs and "jab paisay hoon day deejeyay ga" that blew him away

he tells me that in the city of karachi there are no drips available, stores have been bought over by charities for onward shipment to islamabad

spent the night under the stars due to a mild tremor

and spending the day with a lump in the throat that will not go away


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