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Rambling on: encounters part v

Monday, August 29, 2005

encounters part v

pia has started its service to singapore, every three days is a flight direct or transit via KL. during the last trip when the group of pakistan workers disembarked, i decided to remain on the plane as the crew changed and the cleaning staff went about their job

having been up all night thought this would give me a good chance to catch some sleep. the cleaning staff work with meticulous efficiency to do the cleaning

taking a nap is hopeless and soon enough passengers from KL get on for Karachi via singapore where i was to get off..

the gent seated next to me, bearded generally unkempt appearance who settles in mumbling a prayer...first time in the last 5 hours i feel that my body is giving up and i space out to be shaken up by this old man

"yeh jheenga hai?" he shouts into my ear

i am bewildered as to what the old man was pointing to, i did not see a meal tray infront of heart beats fast from being woken up from what was a very peaceful few seconds

i tried to place that question as it had a familiar tone to it

yes, the shikaree guy part of shoaib hashmi's stage repertoire "do gainday thay" guy

the old man points to the TV screen and sir richard attenborough is explaining the mating habits of marine wild life.

"jee uncle mujhay janwaroon kay baaray main zyada ilm naheen hai", i tell a meekish lie that met his disapproval

i turn away from him and space out again


Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Too funny :)

4:46 PM  
Anonymous umar said...

sometimes i wish i had a travelling job. I don't mind it once a month or so.

12:12 AM  
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