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Rambling on: No words to say

Friday, March 10, 2006

No words to say

no words to say, nothing to convey
just sitting idly infront of the PC completely drained to think and write anything that makes sense...onset of a mid life crisis or being too self-critical

having a major issue with the boss's behavior but saying nothing. this too shall pass. keeping low but keeping alert with the business, cannot drop the ball...the boss is a cunt that knows jackshit, i'll do the numbers and he can claim the credit for all i care

have to be smart and lay low for a while...he is sensing the silent treatment from me and when i share a good news with him he writes his typical "please get this done" which proves that he probably has his stuck up his ass when he writes

the thing is that he does not know me and not having worked in a number crunching game expects that business happens in a structured disciplined manner in this country whereas it is all relationship. you talk to your business partners and the bhai mian rapport get things done nothing one from outside the country commands the respect anymore...customers have seen the foreigners come and go and make promises they know they cannot keep

not that the lazy fuckers who cannot add any value to the transaction would know what it is all about

if you are an ugly son of a bitch, you must not insist to meet customers thinking that you are the panacea for their pain or that it is a privilege on the customers' part that you have made the appointment to find out about their business whereas i know each and every detail on the account, ask me and spare me and the customer these questions about "how else can we grow the business"

this is the thing about MNC companies..people having their heads stuck up their ass

cannot complain though...the local companies, the boss is all ass and no head or brain born with a silver foot in the mouth


Blogger ~*Jappanun*~ said...

nice post dude:p

3:44 PM  

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