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Rambling on: reading this these days

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

reading this these days

reading these days

"recurrent patterns in punjabi poetry" by najm hosain syed
gambled with this one but it was enticing me to get my hands on it
luck would have it that i always wanted to read articles from the Pakistan Times, back from the 50's & 60's as Faiz was associated with it; something tells me some of the notes could very well be from him

managed to get "poems by faiz" by v g kiernan
excellent read
reading it to my son these days to get him exposed to urdu
surprising found him interested in this

there is hope after all !

this was from liberty stores & their staff is always very helpful

need to go to ferozsons soon
i wonder if there is a vanguard outlet in karachi

there used to be on zamzama ages ago


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