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Rambling on: winners' parade

Saturday, June 27, 2009

winners' parade

in continuation of my earlier entry on the demeanor of our T20 team, cable channels have thronged to the homes of cricketers

shahzaib hails from inner city in Karachi; humble beginnings from the lines area; neighbors estatic and dressing up the streets and getting ready for a party

just watching interview of the 17-year old Mohammad Aamir (Raja Mohammad Aamir Fayyaz is the full name we are told) is being interviewed from his village in potohar valley

the song remains the same, grew up bowling with tape-ball cricket emulating wasim akram and the rest as well know is history

he repeatedly mentions wasim akram and credits him for the success he has had but i see a little bit of Imran Khan in him in terms of the way he looks and speaks

he is already a star as far as i am concerned; this kid is going to go places. i hope he remembers, as do all pakistanis, how it all started for them

good luck kid


Anonymous i Me My said...

Aamir indeed holds a lot of promise for Pakistan. I saw him recently in the 20 20

11:31 PM  

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