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Rambling on: Fox on Fox

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fox on Fox

Mansoor Ijaz, self-proclaimed expert on Muslim affairs, a fox foreign affairs expert with a hitleresque mostache when questioned by fox on president musharaf's claim that osama was no longer in pakistan, the army having flushed all the possible hideouts, the guy goes and i paraphrase...well we have known for quite some time that osama might be under protection of some very powerful people in the border region....maybe on the iranian side...

so basically this guy tows the openly hostile US policy against iran but even the most basic knowledge of the region would reveal that iran would not harbor osama due to a lot of reasons primary being osama's anti-shia cadre....

when questioned on the attack on saudi consulate in jeddah, he accuses Iraqi insurgents to have done this...he in the same breathe accused the saudi royal family of tacit support for the insurgents...the logic defied common sense...he blamed the porous border between iraq and saudi arabia and that "they could be getting into saudi arabia" via the Red Sea.... the porous border between iraq and saudi arabia is the red sea is it....the border is in the north and red sea in the despite this geographical impossibility, what route would they take (a) board a boat across the mediterranian sea cross into Eygpt and then sail across the red sea (b) cross jordon/syria and beat israeli intelligence to enter saudi arabia...

or simply cross over the heavily guarded "porous" piece of no-mans-land into the holy land..

something tells me that mr. mansoor ijaz does not know his facts...sad enough that he is of pakistani origin...

what the hell am i doing commenting on fox news anyway...back to work i suppose


Blogger qbadge said...

he's just one of those sell out desi burgers

9:19 AM  

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