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Rambling on: wind beneath my wings

Monday, December 20, 2004

wind beneath my wings

seeing nuns in a minivan before boarding a plane is a sign of good luck....

let me tell you what constitutes a bad sign...

i am availing the privileges of the executive lounge at karachi airport, thanks to one of the credit cards that i own...and this evening the computers are working....the first thing i do is start checking all my favorite blogs..

i am taking a thai airways flight which means there is more than my share of khaipia (traders who evade import taxes by bringing in items of high value through personal baggage) .... i have come to recognize them from a distance...

as soon as i login, this gent occupies a pc next to me...he brings with him...a plate full of samosas and a bottle of mountain dew...he makes all sorts of animal noises while eating ......spills the crumbs on the keyboard...has a few gulps of mountain dew...burps a couple of times....has some more samosas..repeats the whole routine...and while i wait for this to get over as he runs of samosas, the guys leans to the other side as if aiming towards me and lets out a real stinker...

i am speechless...not to mention out of oxygen and gasping for air..

dew pee kar paad naheen deeya, to phir kiya kiya...that is another catchy phrase that they can have on the mountain dew ads now....

:) nightmare is starting now...the flight takes off in 30 minutes...god please let this guy sit away from me....


Blogger Ejaz Asi said...

hehe what happened later? I am hoping he DID actually travelled with you all the way :P Should have been a memorable one. Ever travelled with a Gujranwala Butt for like 8 hours :P and you are all at his mercy. That's a treat too.

11:24 AM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Hey, this is too cool, you too in airport and travel hell! Way to go buddy,Take care :) don't drink any wrong teas :)Remember desis are very respectful to older people. (This is a mix of many different messages, having a lot of trouble with this keyboard here - so forgive any typos please)
Guess what I just heard in the HMV store, addicted to love 'Robert Palmer' and 'heart of glass' (Blondie)
Isn#t my day just great?

7:38 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

ejaz...the flatulent guy was flying business class thank god....atleast he was standing in the business class queue which makes me think that this was a khepia that had made it good...either that or a lot of white powdery stuff is what this guy sold to his customers in the far east....the next time was another khepia who slept most of the way putting both his legs on the small dining tray infront of him....for a six foot tall guy he was quite flexible to be able to put his legs up in the air...or maybe he was a male gigilo (man whore if you have seen the movie called juice bigolo :)

10:53 AM  

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