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Rambling on: one of those crazy old nights

Thursday, April 21, 2005

one of those crazy old nights

i said the strangest thing to dw..."i cannot wait to go back to singapore" and seeing her blank bewildered look i had to explain so as not to hurt her further with my deadly sense of timing and uncanny ability to piss her off with insensitive crap
i mean there are 616 emails on my account that i have not checked the boss knows i am travelling but when the numbers are down he can come down on me like a ton of bricks
one nasty remark from him will ruin it for me and i need to prevent any more damage and indulge in a major dose of CYA (cover your ass) as much as i hate doing things to protect the proverbial behind
tomorrow is another day of back to back meetings and i am amazed at the fact of how clueless this visitor from the corporate office is... it is amazing how these people can reach a senior position and have so little content or value add.... the lord works in wonderous way indeed


Blogger Zag said...

Damn, where are the porno reviews man?!?!?!?! Just kidding ;)

2:44 PM  

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