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Rambling on: more crap on the idiot box

Saturday, March 19, 2005

more crap on the idiot box

“every band that you hear has a certain history as far as the genre is concerned so if you liked nirvana then you need to explore sound garden so you are regular fan of rock then you must go back to the roots right through the 70s the 60s and then you reach muddy waters and others and then celebrate how it all started but if all you listen to is metallica then man you are screwed” I am paraphrasing but this is meekal hasan of mhb talking on ary music channel….a monologue than an interview the guy thinking aloud and venting about the local music industry and what I like is his eloquence and.....a wry smile when he said the word “screwed” as if glad to have used it on TV and probably thinking if the viewers even got his point…such is his exasperation with the local scene….a local scene catering only to a twenty-something crowd….
right now...i am not exagerating but there is a talk show on the same channel and there is a group of 'kids' who are fighting it out as to who is cooler...ali zafar or jehanzeb....this is just fantastic.....this is a statement about the quality of our tv programming...and to top that there are actually guys battling it out....and quite passionate about these two it me or are they not aware that this is not considered normal

these days inspiring music is a chance occurance, a fleeting glimpse of a video....a nice bulley shah kafi done in modern style revealed to us in the form of rabbi shergill…so i guess whereas videos give us rabbi they also unleash upon us ali zafar and the rest of the crap

the latest project I have to search for is a sufic intro in an LG ad that they are running on some cable channels……seems to have been made in India….the alaap is fantastic...will post more when i am able to find this one....the last time an alaap was successfully traced and gotten hold of was karunesh and the scintillating “punjab”…..which I am told is a wedding song from eastern Punjab…….

Talking about MHB…..plan to re-do my review on MHB’s sampooran….feel that have some new take on the album…..have plenty of time later this month when I will be alone and traveling….so watch this space for more


Blogger umar said...

thats one reason i dont watch tv anymore... its hard to find quality stuff even if you search for hours.

6:44 PM  

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