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Rambling on: Hats off to a brilliant captain

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hats off to a brilliant captain

couple of months ago, i paid a brief tribute to inzimam for being a perfect gentleman, now all the adjectives fail to describe the joy he has given to us by winning a sensational test match...i missed the final day completely on account of the transition to a new job and very reluctantly i went to the dawn website to check out the update when i found, to my utter amazement, that pakistan had won on the 5th day....
now secretly, i had thought that the indians could chase the target with the sort of calibre that indians have but their failure to capitalize is our now this historic win that pakistan has registered
so let me say that inzimam has earned my respects as a captain, previously i only praised him as a person and now that he has this solid win in the record books, let me even say that he ranks far above our recent captains including imran who had lamblasted inzimam for being "spineless"...during the australian tour
well this spinlessness applies more to imran for the politics that he played during his tenure as captain for which several deserving cricketers suffered...
these kids today in their attitude and their humility represent pakistan much more accurately than imran khan ever could....


Anonymous rasheed ullah khan said...

i was just reading the blog of ejaz asi,i saw ur blog ,it was nice to c that ,being in africa ,it was wonderful to c pakistanis doing well.specially inzi was wonderful ,he done xceptionally well as a captain on day 5.i saw the whole match and the way he made the fied placing all the day on day 5,wow, he was simply marvellous, as he used his bowlers specially after the lunch.the whole team i think needs recognition as they seem to b hungry for that win.indeed hats off to inzi.
hav a nice time

7:14 AM  
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