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Rambling on: moving

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


has anyone watched this movie featuring richard pryer called 'moving'....well he has to relocate to a new town for a new job (sounds familiar) and the movers lose his stuff and by the end of the movie richard pryer is a pyschopath killing machine :) and if you dig this guy you would love this movie...any how by the time i have to move to my flat i have dropped the idea of movers and i took a few trips back and forth to move the stuff the thing is the bad song hell starts playing in the taxi for real...first it is gypsy by fleetwood mac and then paul simon's homeward bound...and if that was not sufficient the taxi driver plays the drums on the steering wheel

but the people here are generally very warm, years of dictatorship has rendered them completely neutered

i miss the galam galooch i miss the profanity...the good things in life...even at work these people are like zombies...i tell my boss that there is death all around...people stuck in their cubicles...i celebrate every major order i close in pakistan what the hell is wrong with you people..there is so much more to life that chasing numbers all the time

he is indian so he could not relate to my passion...we pakis are a little eccentric...i am really starting to believe aitizaz ahsan who has written about 'the indus saga', the people of the five rivers are really built from another stock of genes.... i once met a group of desis at bangkok airport which typically has 4-5 hours of transit time to pakistan so ample time to engage in small these guys are doing their high 5's and joking and uttering obscenities and i am obviously having fun but soon enough i was part of their discussion

as much as it is dangerous to trust people at airports, filtering out some of the gossip, they were an interesting group of people who i mistook as khepiaz but only upon reaching karachi they told me that they were from unilever pakistan and the most fun guys among them turned out to be senior managers.

out here, i hardly see anyone eat in their cubicles...but for the indian lady in accounts.. i have to walk across the lobby and pass her cubicle every time i go to the loo and that corner smells of maithee daal and rice...come on lady.!! some of us have not had decent food in ages...could you take the food to the pantry it is just 10 feet away


Blogger Zag said...

I can relate to what you said about the Indian lady.
When I was in US, I had to open all the windows and doors in my apartment when my roommate decided to cook. Otherwise I would get the smell of spices in all my clothes. Man I miss those days :D

12:44 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

you are right zag, i miss those days too..though i must say that these indian guys with their sambaar and coconut milk smell were my best friends..very humble very me to a rich world of indian classical music... i owe them a lot

8:33 PM  
Blogger George said...

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8:50 AM  
Anonymous moving and storage said...

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