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Rambling on: encounters part iv

Thursday, August 18, 2005

encounters part iv

entourage of workers heading to the far east countries seems to be a good omen.

this group is clad in t-shirt & slacks bearing the name of the workforce agencies displaying their license numbers and claiming "total workforce solutions" which i thought was refreshing

far cry from people flushing passports down the toilet the moment they reached foreign land.

most of these young hail from remote areas of pakistan. there are some goree 'zinanian' in the departure lounge in karachi that the gentlemen find particularly interesting, especially the one that is centre of attention as she has the audacity of wearing shorts and a t-shirt:)

a facially challenged version of pam anderson so while i am thinking wet t-shirt contest these guys start sitting with their legs crossed if you know what i mean

this is the thing about goreez. no matter how ordinary looking they might be, throw in a t-shirt and shorts and yes they would do nicely thank you very much :)


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