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Rambling on: call of the swan

Friday, February 19, 2010

call of the swan

i am completely hooked to this raga

i wonder if hansadhawani is a combination of hansa meaning swan and dhan which is sindhi for crying sound or complain/call hence call of the swan

in any case, semantics being irrelevant when faced with sheer beauty, i am presenting favorite samples of the raga; my favourite being ustaad amir khan and ustad rashid ali khan

now to my favorite pakistani band

and then ustad amir khan

i actually like this version a lot


Blogger karachikhatmal said...


had never come across your blog before, which is a shame - love reading intelligent pakistanis who see more of their country beyond politics and media bs. you clearly are a thinking man's intellectual!

as for the songs, i have been really enamoured by the concept of intertextuality, but it doesn't quite seem to fit for our cultural concepts. would like to read about your thoughts, or rather explanation, as to why we our music perpetuates itself in the form of the three examples above

4:06 AM  
Anonymous Naveed said...

KK, thanks for dropping by. you are too generous with your compliments.

we have rarely seen a mature rebate on culture and what we mean by pakistani culture

we look at culture from a very narrow prism of religion

pakistani culture has evolved over centuries and there is nothing that the mullah can do anything about it. music permeates and perpetuates because the part of our brain the processes music keeps finding linkages to one of aesthetics and sometimes to ones closely linked to religion

i am of the belief that spread of religion, in our part of the world, was on account of music and dance and this is why music finds a common strain irrespective of geography

1:41 PM  

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