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Rambling on: Bullay Shah - The humanist

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bullay Shah - The humanist

it is a good day when a casual conversation with a colleague produces the following email which i am quoting with his permission

"Music is independent of race, nationality, creed, religion.. I have Sanskrit shlokas, Madagascan folk songs, Buddhist chants, Native American chants in my music collection. I am trying to live according to the ideal that Baba Bulleh Shah put forth so succinctly:

Chal way Bulleyah, uthay chaleyay
Jithay saaray annhay
Na koi saadi zaat pichanray
Na koi sannu mannay

Arise O Bulleh and an abode find
Whose denizens are none, save the blind
Where thy race and creed are a path untrodden
Where thou art one of the forgotten"


Blogger Roshni said...

such profound simplicity =))

5:19 PM  
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