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Rambling on: Kh. Ghulam Farid & Pathanay Khan

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kh. Ghulam Farid & Pathanay Khan

All time favorite Kh Ghulam Farid kafi by the legendary Pathanay khan; this link has the best translation i have seen in years. Pathanay khan's (PK) intro verse comes from a different kafi and this is why we do not see this kafi translated as it was covered by PK doing justice to the greatest most important piece of our sufi tradition.

Khamosh Tamashai has done complete justice & deserve our sincere thanks. Only part 1 has the translation & I have requested him/her to upload part 2 with translation; part 2 is still available on youtube but without translation.


Blogger Ali said...

such a beautiful video, i had never seen anything like this.

Send flowers to Pakistan

8:13 PM  

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