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Rambling on: back again

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

back again

saw that my blog was being followed by 3 people and a random google search on "shah latif" put me on the top 10 sites for info on the poet (this thanks to Raza Rumi)

so i said why not drop by and try and blog again. maybe my umpteenth attempt but who knows. maybe i will muster the strength to continue

interesting days ahead of us with a "tsunami" being forecasted on the political front. if the right-wing message can be packaged in a rock concert to attract the younger crowd, then i wish imran khan the best of luck! his arrival on the scene and how the landscape is changing in the country heralds the death of ideology in the country and a party which has so little to say about its policies is sure supported by the "hand of God" to garner so much support.

when i point out these right-wing nuances to people, they ask me to chill and that convince me that policies will be presented to the public soon. i sure am waiting for that day.