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Rambling on: on the move - yet again

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

on the move - yet again

the distance between the kids and myself is growing everyday

i see that they see me like how i used to see my dad and like any other kid sees their father, strict, stern & distant.

while i, well i do not see them much, by the time i am home they are getting ready for bed if already not sleep, i check up on them atleast a couple of times during the night, just entering their room gives me such peace of mind, they are like my little angels, the feeling cannot be described in words, each with their unique personality and may be much more that i am not part of any more

fathers live with this guilt all their lives and we pretend that we know how to be a parent while our input into the process is minimal

some more travelling is on the cards & as faiz put it "hua phir say hukm sadir
kay watan badar hoon ham tum, dain gali gali sada'in"

have to be away for a much longer time this time and i am well on my way to becoming a even more distant father to my kids which is something i cannot help anymore


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