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Rambling on: an unscheduled business trip

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

an unscheduled business trip

As soon as I got the ticket and passport, I rush to the airport with hardly enough time to say goodbye to the kids

The urgency leaves them bewildered, they are used to my business trips but the trips are well planned and the kids mentally prepared so a mini crisis as i head out of the door, my daughter clinging to me and then she calmed down when I told her that I would be back in three days

the guy responsible for giving me a proper heads-up did not inform me on time & I had to make preparations, get visa, make presentations on behalf of the team, a three week procedure was squeezed into just under a week.

what a hellish week, however the trip is over and glad everything went by without a major disaster, will blog some more if have the energy, right now have just come back and trying to recover......


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