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Rambling on: an unschedule business trip (part 3)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

an unschedule business trip (part 3)

my room on the 25th floor had a breath taking view of the skyline, there is so much serenity all around

there is hardly any time during this trip for shopping - next two days it is management vs me doggie-style so that obligatory walk to the shopping district would have to be taken care off today. This is my favourite part, going to one of the largest music stores, the HMV. There are about 3 floors with an extensive rock-n-roll collection & an exclusive soundproof room for jazz/new age - talk about multiple orgasms

bought a new age CD for a colleague whose entire collection got stolen from his car recently, a couple of jazz cd's for myself - barely had enough to quench my thirst when I remembered that my business presentation for next morning was not done yet so i head to the hotel taking in the sweet smell of a foreign land and the nice friendly people that call it home


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