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Friday, September 03, 2004


the whole week has passed by like a freight train out of control, so much fire fighting so many issues so much adreline rush, i just love it.
picked up a fight with my favorite colleague but both of us knew i was taking panga to vent my frustration. it is the test of a relationship if two people fight and say things to each other but both know that what is going on is much bigger. work relationships become more like the relationship you have with your loved ones
they get to know you inside out and you are lucky you can pick up a fight not really concerned about the consequences of heated words spoken. the important thing is that one laughs about the incidents and altercations and reconciles with a smile and a high-five.
shouted at the boss after a long time-i love this guy for giving me this much independence-he understands my frustration at people/processes that are slow, knows that i am shouting at the right things/the right reasons maybe my timing is crappy but if you have the good of the organization at heart, you can never go wrong
someone wrote to me how my business trip was and i am glad that there is now this third person who finds the time to drop by this blog, so yes the the trip was ok
the first day anyone travelling outside pakistan is a bit jaded and depressed as to why things have to be so bad in pakistan that you would start questioning yourself why you are not living in some comfortable little corner of the word but dubai it is not going to be
for two nights i was cruising around with friends and it felt like in the last couple of years, this has become more of an middle eastern version of bangkok where the going rate is less than 300 dhs for any sort of entertainment of the flesh
at the hotel they served english breakfast with bacon and ham and i am saying to the waiter that simple pleasures in life can be spared this aggravation of seeing bacon on your plate in the morning, so i ordered a halal anda in dubai of all places which tasted like any bland english breakfast. the business executives i was with said 'naveed, are you not concerned that they fry the egg in the same frying pan that had bacon was in a few moments ago' which i found to be a valid comment
anyone going to dubai must go for the desert safari - though i am not into 4x4' this was an experience of a lifetime, what a little entrepreneurship and loads of money can do to a desert is amazing
a friend of mine was searching for the pak-vs-australia final scores on the radio and the station was broadcasting score highlights every ten or fifteen minutes and in the meantime they were playing the best of mukesh, all of us oldtimers got a great kick out of it, remembering the time and place where they first heard "saavan ka maheena pavan karay shor" talk about being transported to another world
some of the chinaaz i was with are ignorant fucks who think that the middle east has only given osama bid laden to the world and while i had my apprehensions about dubai, these chinaaz very impressed with dubai and unique experience of the desert safari. so thumbs up to the dubai shopping, lebanese food at 'automatic' restaurant and big thumbs down for the brothel that this city has turned into


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