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Rambling on: I am back

Friday, August 20, 2004

I am back

I can understand that on exit point at the point of leaving the country, immigration has to check your visa, exit control list etc.

but why must they treat citizens of the country as scum on entry point. There are a total of 4 immigration queues that are open when you arrive at the Karachi airport, one for foreign business travelers/foreign passports, one for diplomats, one for single Pakistani males and one lane for families & unaccompanied children

it takes about 45 minutes to get through immigration. i guess one forgets about the hassles when you come out of the airport terminal, the sun shinning brightly on Karachi on Independence Day 2004. what I craved is desi food - regular daal rooti at home never tasted better than this. its good to be back


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