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Rambling on: sufi themes

Saturday, September 11, 2004

sufi themes

an indian visiter to my blog wanted to know where he can get the mekaal hasan band cd sampooran. well if you want a nice package, then one can go online to

i wrote in great detail about this cd in the morning hoping to post the blog but lately i have been losing my text thanks to "connection timed out", i got so pissed that i got back to work cursing myself for not saving the blog - then feeling that i was being egotistical to think that i was writing pearls of wisdom

what i can write about right now is about a pretty long power outtage in karachi that lasted for more than 7 hours, i returned from a business meeting back to the office in pitch darkness, climbed several flights of stairs and got my stuff out. from the airport all the way to the beach there was complete closure of business

i reached home and my wife and my son were playing with the wax melting off the candles and she laughed. she told my son how i used to do this when i was his age, may be even younger, the power failures were even longer in those days - she and i would sit there for hours around candles making patterns of wax on our hands

i wrote about this and things of this sort a long time ago the song kabhi hum khoob surat thay & flood of memories unleashing in my head. are we not a bit sufi ourselves to associate power failures with memories of childhood & games played in pitch darkness in a more innocent simpler time

dont know about others but karachi has had some sexy weather over the past few weeks, thank God it is not humid tonight and the kids are more than happy to sleep close to the balcony my son still wanting to play with the candles some more and my daughter going on and on about the chipkali (lizard) that will come and gobble us up


Blogger Ejaz Asi said...

umm, I am not comfortable with the phrase, sexy weather, though. No, it could be said so but the whole post has been going very nice, smooth and real innocent (or probably cheeky, as someone says) but we can ignore this one for the overall nice relationship you built with your childhood memories with sufi tradition. May be you'd find this interesting as well that a qawwali like, "Main to Piya sey naina lera ayee Re" could also be remembered as associated with some real fond memories other than what this qawwali was meant to be :)
I just spotted few homes sleeping near balconies on 2nd, 3rd floor opp. to our appartments and it made me smile :) Because I miss sleeping on our roof sometimes.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

majority in pakistan sleeps under open skies but coming to your comments on the word "sexy", i sure hope you were kidding because we must not analyze things to the extent that an innocent comment on weather is misunderstood. the beauty of a thriving language is that words acquire new meaning(s) as it evolves. the word "sexed up" was used by the BBC against British Intelligence which alleged that MI5 had made the "exagerated" claims about Saddam being capable of a nuclear strike within 45 minutes. would tell you that in addition to the most obvious meaning of "arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest", the word, as it would be used in a slang, refers to something "highly appealing or interesting; attractive: “The recruiting brochures are getting sexier” (Jack R. Wentworth).

in conservatives societies like Pakistan, the word "sex" would be misinterpreted which is understandable but this is merely pointing to our perverse minds because we think of sex as something that is abhorant, and take it from me, this is far from truth. how can one even begin to use this word in any other context if we are fixated with the obvious physical connotation

9:00 PM  
Blogger Ejaz Asi said...

Oh My! Thanks for enlightening Naveed. I just forgot to put ;) later in the sentence which should have cleared my intentions :P But anyhow, that was entertaining man.

9:51 AM  

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