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Rambling on: Let the music play

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Let the music play

the amplifier is repaired and figuring out a way to put it back in place amidst a maze of wires is something that i dread but somehow everything fell into place

i gave the turn table a try after such a long time, and yet more good news as i did not get a background humming sound that i usually get with the ground wire

the sound was so sweet & sifting through the vinyl records was like walking down the memory lane, man o man, supertramp, queen, beatles

following my last post on pink floyd, have been thinking of specific tracks of favorites bands that have left an impact and the following is one, a very short song maybe less than 2 minutes about the guy sitting on a bed, his hands in her hair, and then she goes to the kitchen to fix him some breakfast and the guy sings of his ordinary pleasures of spilling bread crumbs on the bed and devotion and that 'it's only the giving the makes you, what you are'.

sample available on the sample is only a minute long

found a very funny music review page that i got a kick out of

was laughing my head off the whole day

this guy digs the same genre of music and pretty much feels the same way about classic rock and roll. i know atleast one pink floyd fan who occassionally reads this blog and i promise him that he would love this review page, it has a lot of profanity and maybe that is something that is so fucking brilliant about this guy


Blogger ZH said...

Brilliant! I would've been extremely disappointed had it not contained any profanity. :)

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:49 PM  

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