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Rambling on: the sound of modern sufi music

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

the sound of modern sufi music

being an egotistical self-proclaimed expert of pakistani pop, i declare MHB’s Sampooran as the best album released by any Pakistani band/artiste ever…:)...sifting through my collection over the weekend i decided that i have not spent enough time listening to it....
this now goes back to the car stereo for the third time in the last 12 months… track 5 the best track to drive to work.....
heereeyay yaad piya bin
piya bin
moohay naheen ayay chain
multilayered texture of the flute, vocals and guitar is unprecendeted....for those who have not listened to this track...please do....this reminds me of the 70s for some wierd reason....


Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Can't leave you unsupervised, can I? Just a few days of not being watched and you try to find your way back to the 70s again.
What a pesky child you are !
The MHB woodwinds and the 70s? Come on :)
(I got multiple copies of Sampooran, several requests from my co-workers).

4:40 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

simple test....listen to any album from the 70s and go for a rock album that features an pure instrumental...and you will find that the track would have a life of its own...BOUREE by JETHRO TULL comes to mind....there are SAMBA PA TI by SANTANA.....yes i do have some facination with the 70s but i say you listen to these two tracks and then to TRACK FIVE (SAMPOORAN on MHBs album) and if you still find no reason that the comparison is fair....then i am the one to be blamed :)

10:50 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Too pooped to argue.
Decided I turn a new leaf for 2005 and will not argue with you anymore.You win, whatever.
But how about my new name? "Cassie" - it is inspired by you.
If you don't like it, I will abandon it without arguments :)
Just trying to stay awake.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

i do not like CASSIE if this was inspired by me...CAS is a random choice....of a desi name...that i use to confuse people...they think that CAS is some customer that I refer to does not suite you at all....i use a lot of other names...a new guy has joined us...his name is yousuf but when he is not around i refer to him sometimes as mohsin or aslam or some other very common name...easy for me to remember...and when he is around and i have to say something nasty about him on his face...i blurt our some crap about these made-up are cannot win with this logic...right? :) so jus ignore me...i am wierd...i know that.... :)

2:04 AM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Okay, name abandoned - still following my day's resolution:)
Interesting that you say it does not suit me, I wonder what would be suitable then? Maybe walter ego is still the best choice.I was almost in their video you know. Was walking down little Italy in Toronto and they were filming, the notice said any passers by could be included; oh well, my fifteen minutes was not to be!
So, since you make up names for others, pick one for me too. You are not the only weird one actually,I also give people names but they are a little more descriptive :)

3:19 AM  
Blogger Discovery Journeys India said...

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3:58 PM  

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