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Rambling on: Sweet dreams are made of this...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sweet dreams are made of this...

my teenage angst got a voice with some of these and yes if i could turn back time, i would hate these songs too....but the bad-song hell that some keep conscious reminding me of the skeletons in the cupboard some of these secrets and skeletons can also be found in the following, he most crappiest of songs..but for some i beg to differ (there i go again)

Macarena [River Remix 103 BPM]
Los Del Rio
Oh yes, i could easily crap on these two macarena guys..just need a little help to hold them down while i give it a best shot.
Oh yes, so much was wrong with this, the haircut, the pelvic moves, the rip-off of "under pressure"...
she looks like she was hit by a freight it just me or is she just too ugly to have friends :) yes i am in nasty mood right now...
cannot recall this....oh wait...yes i do...hate it
hate it

well Cher is ok, i mean she looks ok for a 60 year old with vocal chords still in tact...
i want to do potty on this guy too!!
no i do not want to go to kokomo unless it is a nude beach :)
confusing genre this...what is it techno is it it is poop
no you are not the one i am looking look like a poodle with a abnormally giant head...please get out of my head...please erase all memories from my brain of once liking this...i am so embarrased
well memories associated with this one...heard it probably the first day i arrived in the good old US of A
me too...:)
so ok we are alone now but you are only 14 so this is like child abuse not jacko wacko...:)
liked this one...lou gramme has solid what is this is pop...this is not crap...

Got My Mind Set on You
George Harrison
the most under rated of george harrison's album "cloud nine"....
never heard it
More Than Words
i have mixed feelings...this track is less than 2 says what it wants to and does not drag...BTW there is a local ripoff that a guy/band? IMIK has done...he does not think that people know but i know that he has ripped off this song...two guys on a guitar with a short track and the camera just focussed on their ugly faces, come one...this is too blatant
never cared for it....

Good Vibrations
Marky Mark
this is a girlie song...what can i say....this is how hollywood stars start out...with a pop song, then a little porno and now mark wahlberg is a highest paid lead actor.
yes, pop at its worst
70s pop...what can i say...not that bad...
yes, kiddie market is it will get the crap it deserves
i like this one...
i hate this one...i hate it hate it hate it...another one i hate "it must have been love but it is over now...i had some brain but i lost it some how"...:)
this guy always sounds like some one is holding him by the balls....nice high octave but the age of sapronos when they chopped off the family jewels for higher note is long gone... (last known case is actually 1896)
ok this guy has a reverse process of some sharp object going up his behind to make that sound
oh what a piece of crap
yes color me badd, another crappy one is " i wanna sex you up" does one do that anyway...
genesis doing down the toilet
lost in a gutter is more like it
never heard it, thank God.
"she only comes out at night"...blah blah bhah..there is a sexual connotation to this but i am not even going there
get out of my brain please and then get out of my life
this song marks a stage when the younger listeners flushed their brains down the gutter.
Right Here Waiting
Richard Marx
have you looked at this guy seems that he will be waiting right there where has been since the 80s
what is wrong with this...does any one know what he thing out of canada in a long time :)
i mean come cannot say that we did not enjoy this when this was hip...
yes this is a crap
Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
cannot say i ever heard this and i am glad...especially if this is number one on the list


Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Who am I to disagree?
But,of course I will; First your order is backwards, I watched the last ten songs of the show yesterday and you got it totally turned around. Anyway, it was a blast watching it with my (not so) little ones.
Can you believe they had never heard of Chicago? So dad and I performed some of the Chicago songs for them and they agreed , that was awful music :)
I despise "Owner of the lonely heart", sounds so pompous.
Macarena? Admit it, you start flipping your palms out, and then your arms cross over to your shoulders and you jump around as soon as you hear this one - no way anyone can stay still.
Foriegner song? Blech is all I can say to that one.
You have a cat?
Good to know I can get you kick-started .
Such a passive aggressive post.. Cheer up though, the worst is yet to come :)
And it will come soon!

6:31 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

my order is backwards? i simply copy-pasted...maybe it is...but crap is crap not matter what the order...on this we will both agree...ok google challenge..what is the original name of chicago...i mean how did they start off? :) let the games begin...
no i do not have a cat...well thanks for getting me kickstarted for sure...the formal announcement is in...oh the impending gloom has been weathered and time to face the music...ok some nice music...something to look forward to...not the top ten crap kind of music...:)

8:42 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Crap is crap
We got our blogger back
It's gray, it's gray
Since he went away, Ooh-Ooh
If I had my way
He'd write every day
But he don't intend
To write much at all, Ooh-Ooh
What can I do
'Cause I-I-I-I-I'm feelin' blue

You didn't know I could write poetry, did you?
Chicago's original name ? Crapola? Who cares? The real question is, why did they start off at all?Google challenge over long time ago - I lost big time because I wanted to go on to some other game now.
Can't quite understand your message, partly because I've had to organize a protest march by the neighborhood poodles, they resented very much the Ritchie reference. So Faldo, Bogey and Stevie are mad at you and all that
yelping has driven me insane.
If you don't have a cat - you can't be too sexy for your cat - my fav line from that song. Yes,I had english and spanish versions of that.
Anyway, many more kick starts are coming your way, got to unload much of my arsenal before I leave.
You have made me feel so unwelcome :( - So that's what friends are for !
I was so hoping we could do the Macarena together:) - right after we sang the cutting crew chorus:)
You will have to explain formal announcements, impending gloom and all of these references.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

you sure can be a blues song writer...

You have made me feel so unwelcome ---- not doing the macerena or what? :)

dont remind me of cutting crew...i beg you...else i will die of choking on spit tonight..that does not sound too lyrical does it...

formal announcement is that of my new job

impending gloom is the unleashing of a major change on the personal front...arrangements to make, family issues and all that jazz

10:05 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Tell me you know which song I ripped off - you do? don't you? Or, maybe you are too young to remember that?
Unwelcome? By not responding to my email and saying "will pick you up any time, spare bed all ready":)I bet you have changed your HS number by now:):)
Pardon my frivolity, but the kids are here this week and wow, it feels good, believe it or not I'm walking on air :)Good luck with the family issues. Going away again soon?

10:45 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:03 AM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

try this - ouch got the wrong link last time

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Jalal said...

- Ice ice baby
- The Sign
- I wanna know what love is
- The look
- Right here

Wonderful music that I absolutely love.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

walter, there is an old blues song, dont know the title but there was nina simone who had a line "and i am feeling blue" this the one that you were referring know that if you come to karachi, i will be there to pick you up, housing available at no cost...
jalal-i know how you feel although there are very few that i used to like... i guess it is a question of how much ones listens to music and growing out of liking the old pop songs is a common phenomenon... it really is a question of personal choice.

3:44 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

Black is black - Los Bravos from 1966 :)
No cost housing? Wow!
Next kick start

4:54 PM  
Blogger (w)alter ego said...

take the poll

4:56 PM  

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