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Rambling on: bulla - now available at stores

Saturday, January 29, 2005

bulla - now available at stores

for those who have been following rabbi shergill and have been unable to find the cd, an online link to his album is
for those in karachi, the cd is available at "ground zero" in the lane opposite to greenwich stadium


Blogger Fadereu said...

Hey Naveed, I did not mean "bad translation" since I knew it wasn't yours, I meant that English is a very ineffective language when it comes to translating Sufi music...

No? :)

1:48 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said... glad you clarified cuz i have done some pretty lame translations myself but i swear to you this was'nt mine :)....i will post some of my translations soon once i have the courage :)....anyways, always a pleasure to have you here and nice of you to clarify your comment... i find that the video of the song also has a neat translation but it is on the screen only for a few seconds and some of the channels playing the video have just a 1 minute clip...

2:11 PM  
Blogger Morquendi said...

when i visited india last week a friend of mine bought me the album as a gift and i have been listening to it non-bloody-stop. and i've been making all my friends listen to it as well. who's this rabbi guy and where was he all this time?

9:56 PM  
Blogger Deevaan said...

rabbi must have been a struggling musician before this album...that is really my guess...his personal profile is available on the on rabbi shergill and you will find a lot of stuff... like you, i have also been listening to him non-stop since the cd is playing in the car...there is also a lot of political commentary in his songs, one about material pursuits of people in the larger cities, loss of life to weapons etc, a whole new outlook... when pop stars get this good at describing their feelings, they are bound to attract fans everywhere in the world....

11:28 PM  
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