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Rambling on: come back inzi, all is forgiven

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

come back inzi, all is forgiven

...inzi is a little miffed at imran khan's statement that the pakistani team gave a spineless performance which is sort of ironic since inzi did have pain in his spine but i love inzi and his contribution to pakistan cricket.. imran khan is a big baby...this guy never saw eye to eye with javed miandad and was openly hostile against several players...he had his blue eyed boys who got their careers built on the basis of his patronage...people like wasim akram etc...who was one of the exceptions as he had talent...there were others that counted imran as their sole supporter and reason for having an international i say this to you inzi despite the remote chance that you will ever read this but i have to say this anyway cuz blogging is an exercise in narcissism and futility that inzi, my friend, you are a star and to me you will remain a selfless player who would give it all and you do not have an agenda unlike imran give it your best in the triangular series and put up a good fight and give hell to the competition..and give ample reason for imran khan to keep his mouth shut...


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