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Rambling on: Bullay Shah - Part III (bulla kee jana main koon)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bullay Shah - Part III (bulla kee jana main koon)

this kafi is among bullay shah’s most loved kafis. It is an important kafi in that there is self-discovery as well as an attempt to understand the human condition…philosophers and poets have long wondered about the quest and the question as to “Where have I come from and where am I going?”

often it seems that they do not ponder over a more basic question as to “Who am I” and what is that “I” that we speak of.

and in the kafi, bullay shah attempts an explanation by making an unabashed declaration that he does not belong to any group any alliance any party, that he is not a momin nor a non-believer. He does not claim piety and purity nor is destined to be as impure or tainted with sins

he is not a follower of organized religion nor the holy scripture. He is neither sleeping nor awake…he is not part of celebrations or mourning because what he is, does not need crutches of our material needs…

his soul is complete in itself that needs no support from symbols and icons of the material world

(transliterated from a book in urdu called "sain bullay shah" by j.r.puri & t.r.shingari ...printed in india, search for a pakistani book continues)


Anonymous Shahid Bashir said...

although I agree with most of the analysis of bulla kee jaana mein kon. To say he says that he does not follow scripture is misrepresenting Bulleh shahs view. Bulleh was a muslim and to misinterpret his views as having said he does not follow holy scripture is slander. If, by holy scripure, the commentators mean the holy books such as the torah, injil, psalms and the qur'an then bulleh shah would have been a strong follower of such holy scriptures

8:33 PM  

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